Syngenta’s advanced analytics decode farm languages


Syngenta’s advanced analytics decode farm languages

The head of analytics and data science at a leading seed company says they’re using advanced analytics to drive innovation for their product pipeline. Laura Potter is with Syngenta, “You’ve got a very complex interaction of weather, the soil and also the growing practices over time. So, really what you have is, these farm environments are speaking different languages across the years.”

Potter says advanced analytics can help those “languages” speak to each other and have provided a 30% greater predictive accuracy.

“This gives us more predictive power to say with greater certainty where particular genetics are going to be fluent in the different languages of the farms so we can pick and place the genetics in the right locations.”

Potter says it all goes back to the farm, helping Syngenta improve the return on investment for farmers and to create the right genetic variations to build the winning genetics. Potter spoke on the recent Syngenta Media Summit.

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