Corn-on-corn yields disappoint in Minnesota


Corn-on-corn yields disappoint in Minnesota

Corn-on-corn underwhelmed in parts of the Midwest this year.

Dave Nicolai, an extension educator in crops at the University of Minnesota, says he’s heard many reports of corn-on-corn yields that weren’t as good as people would’ve liked.

“And significantly down for some farmers. So I think a lot of growers are going to be looking at the possibility if they can to rotate, certainly given the commodity prices of soybeans and other crops, back in there.”

He tells Brownfield soil fertility is another consideration for continuous corn acres.

“Monitoring your P and K. Nitrogen is a little more fickle, you get a certain amount of nitrogen fixated in the soil. But I think a lot of those areas, if they didn’t get it down (will) maybe have an opportunity to put it in next spring.”

Despite disappointing corn-on-corn yields, the USDA is forecasting a state record of 202 bushels per-acre for Minnesota in 2020.

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