Adding value to US pork


Adding value to US pork

Pork exports in 2020 have been at unprecedented levels, but they’re expected to temper over the next couple of years

Norman Bessac with the National Pork Board says while the export boom has been good news in a year that’s been full of challenges, it’s not the best long-term strategy. “It’s probably going to be a more modest growth projection of 2 to 3 percent, per year,” he says.  “To me that’s good news.  That’s sustainable growth from a volume standpoint and it puts us in a good position to create that value.”

And while China has been a big player this year, he tells Brownfield 50 percent of that growth forecast comes from four countries – Mexico, Japan, South Korea, and Canada.

And they’re looking to grow in other parts of the world, too.  “We’ve done a lot of research work into markets like Vietnam and the Philippines,” he says.  “They have been affected by African swine fever and global economic changes.  But there is a tremendous opportunity for us in those markets.” Bessac says ultimately a well-balanced trade creates the best overall value for US pork. 

AUDIO: Norman Bessac, vice president of international market, National Pork Board

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