General CRP signup just around the corner


General CRP signup just around the corner

The head of the USDA Farm Service Agency says he wants farmers and landowners to be aware that general Conservation Reserve Program sign-up is just around the corner.

FSA Administrator Richard Fordyce tells Brownfield Ag News, “It’s the competitive one. That’s the one that we typically larger blocks of land, whole fields, those kinds of things. That general CRP sign-up will start on January the 4th and it will run through February the 12th.”

Fordyce says, a lot of times, enrolling in general CRP is a family decision,

“Folks are going to be together either in person or maybe on the phone or virtually here coming up with Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday and it might be a good opportunity for families to talk about what they’re options are if they’re thinking about CRP.”

December 11th is the signup deadline for CFAP2 and Dairy Margin Coverage.

Signup for ARC and PLC, which started in October, runs through March 15th.

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