Merck: Livestock data tools coming


Merck: Livestock data tools coming

Livestock data tools are not as prevalent as digital tools for grain farmers. Merch Animal Health says it will be taking a page out of the grain data book to roll out some new tools early next year.

Dr. Jason Nickell is manager of Merck’s AllFlex Livestock Intelligence, “Obviously, we can’t talk to livestock. They cannot tell us what they’re feeling. They can’t tell us what they need. And, so, ultimately, to make sure that we maximize the value of each individual animal out there we need to have more information.”

Nickell says the new digital tools will benefit beef cow producers from cow-calf operations to feed yards, “Producers will have the ability to monitor their animals at the individual animal level, 25/7. From a backgrounder and feed yard standpoint, we will be rolling out a couple technologies early in 2021 with regard to bovine respiratory disease prediction and diagnosis.”

Brownfield interviewed Nickell during the virtual NAFB Convention’s Trade Talk.

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