2020 a good year for alfalfa in Upper Midwest


2020 a good year for alfalfa in Upper Midwest

Observations on alfalfa grown in the Upper Midwest were generally quite positive this year.

University of Minnesota Extension crops educator Dave Nicolai says performance is always somewhat dependent on the preceding winter.

“This year the yields were very good. Very timely (with) people able to get the crop out without a lot of rain.”

Going forward, he tells Brownfield growers will need to consider how long they want to maintain the stand and to evaluate the quality of the alfalfa.

“And then whether you need to have some lime, pH adjustment at some point in time prior to that (is) really important. As well as sulfur in our soils.”

Nicolai says potassium is another nutrient to look at when planning for next year’s alfalfa. 

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