ASA on Biden policy priorities, potential USDA pick


ASA on Biden policy priorities, potential USDA pick

American Soybean Association Executive Director of Government Affairs Christy Seyfert says policy priorities for presumed President Elect Joe Biden are clear.

“He has noted the importance of having improvements in infrastructure, improving urban transit, having clean energy, and creating jobs in a climate smart agriculture environment,” she says. “…We’ll closely watch what happens with respect to regulations.”

The incoming administration has already made some cabinet announcements and Seyfert says ASA is watching closely for Biden’s Secretary of Agriculture pick.

She says there has been speculation that Former North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp and Congresswoman Marcia Fudge for Ohio could be considered for the role.

“Both of their staff, thankfully, have been accessible during their time in Congress,” she says. “We’ll see if either of these ladies is officially announced as the Biden pick or if there are others.”

She says the association is also watching EPA, the US Department of Transportation, and the US Trade Representative office.  

Seyfert made these comments during the virtual Indiana Corn and Soybean Ag Forum today.

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