Dairy leaders not optimistic about rapid new coronavirus relief


Dairy leaders not optimistic about rapid new coronavirus relief

Two leaders of a dairy organization are not confident a new coronavirus assistance package will arrive soon. 

Paul Bleiberg with the National Milk Producers Federation says, “I think it’s possible that a new piece of legislation gets passed here, you know, probably not too likely by the end of the calendar year.”

Bleiberg says if a relief package does get agreed to between the two sides, it will likely have additional ag funding. “I don’t think that that funding would be overly specific. It would probably be provided to the department for COVID-19 related producer support, kind of like it was before.”

And National Milk’s Jaime Castaneda doesn’t expect the next aid bill to look like CFAP 1 or 2. “Folks should not expect CFAP payments. I mean, if there is something that would be worked out, perhaps it’s more related to, with a different name or a different look, but I mean, more like the food boxes.”

As of Wednesday, there is no coronavirus relief proposal with enough support to make it to President Trump’s desk.

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