Winter storm conditions sweep parts of the Heartland


Winter storm conditions sweep parts of the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, wind-blown snow and sharply colder conditions across the upper Midwest are creating difficult conditions for livestock and hampering holiday travel. Early Wednesday, some of the most dangerous weather conditions are occurring across the eastern Dakotas, northern Nebraska, and northern and western Minnesota. Meanwhile, mild, windy weather prevails across the central and eastern Corn Belt, in advance of a strong cold front.

On the Plains, blizzard conditions have engulfed the Red River Valley of the North and neighboring areas in the eastern Dakotas, stressing livestock and disrupting holiday travel. Dangerous conditions due to falling temperatures and wind-driven snow extend as far west as the Black Hills and southward into parts of Nebraska. High winds are raking the northern and central High Plains. Colder air is overspreading the southern Plains, accompanied by gusty winds.

In the South, chilly conditions linger in the southern Atlantic States, but warm, breezy weather covers areas from the Mississippi Delta westward. However, a strong cold front is quickly approaching from the Plains.

In the West, a high-pressure system settling across the Intermountain region is producing offshore winds in southern California. As a result, a critical wildfire threat has returned to southern California’s coastal mountains due to dry conditions, cured fuels, low humidity levels, and wind gusts locally reaching 50 to 60 mph or higher. The remainder of the West is also experiencing dry weather, aside from lingering snow showers in the central Rockies.

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