Station Spotlight: KMMO AM 1300 and FM 102.9

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Station Spotlight: KMMO AM 1300 and FM 102.9

Brownfield is proud to partner with radio station KMMO AM and FM, Marshall, Missouri. This well-known and respected radio station plays country music and provides information important to area listeners.  We love working with KMMO!!!

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Here a few things you might like to know about KMMO:

How long has your station been on the air?  

Our AM signed on in 1949 and our FM in 1968.

How long have you been a Brownfield affiliate?

We’re all still trying to figure that out.  We know it has been a long time.  We know it’s been at least 43 years, but maybe longer.

What Brownfield programs do you air?  

Livestock Markets, Missouri Agribusiness News Report, Hog Market reports, Opening Livestock Markets, Opening Market report, several commodity updates throughout the trading day, livestock reports during the trading day, Commodity closing and Commodity settlements.

Tell us about the services your station provides.  

Local, regional, state, national and international news.  Weather coverage with 4 forecasts per hour, high school, college and professional sports coverage, community calendar, large amount of agricultural programming including 6 commodity updates per hour during the trading day, SWAP SHOP…live call-in program, Birthday and Anniversary Club, Church programming, KMMO Spot Light interview program, Pet Patrol, sports reports, daily (locally) produced KMMO Ag Report covering local Ag happenings, contests and more.

Tell us about your community involvement.

We have a dedicated schedule, on a daily basis, which runs PSA’s.  We also have Community Calendar which airs several times per hour promoting non-profit events.  We have a daily program called then KMMO SPOTLIGHT which interviews individuals involved with non-profit events. We do live broadcasts, for free, at many fundraising events each year.  We are members of service clubs, board members in area Chamber of Commerce’s, board members of other organizations like the Salt Fork YMCA, St Peter Grade School and more…our employees are encouraged to participate in local organizations outside of work.  Throughout Covid, and still today, we work very closely with local health departments and hospitals to keep our listeners as informed as possible and disseminate information that the departments and hospitals need the public to know.  For example, our local health department recorded a different PSA on a daily basis for the first several months of Covid.  One of our slogans is…”KMMO, the station that cares” and we try to live up to that daily.  For 35 years, until this past year due to Covid, we have sponsored KMMO Ag Day held at a locally owned, family run farm.  We serve lunch and have a noon program.  Over the years, our speakers have include several Governors’, State and Federal Senators and Representatives, national Ag leaders and several others including Mr. Brownfield himself years ago.  KMMO Ag Day has consistently been the largest Ag attended event in Saline County all year.  For over 35 years, until Covid, we have also hosted the KMMO Home Show/Business Expo with over 50 exhibitors in each show. KMMO has a high level of involvement in our local communities. During both high school football and basketball season, we have a weekly Friday night show with coverage of the past weeks games, upcoming games and interviews with several coaches each week.

Tell us about any involvement you have, or coverage you provide, to any agriculture related groups.  

We cover all commodity groups in the state and nationally.  Our Ag Director attends most all annual meetings of these groups and does live coverage from them all.  Throughout the year, as events happen related to these groups, our AG Director reaches out to them and covers the topic at hand on our daily KMMO Ag Report.

What other Learfield IMG College networks or services are you affiliated with?  

MissouriNet News, Missouri Tiger Network and Brownfield

Anything else you would like to tell us?  

If I describe KMMO in one sentence…”KMMO is an information station that happens to play some music.”

As you can tell from above, we are heavy on news, ag programming, sports and weather.  We are live 24/7.  There is always someone behind the mic, whether it’s 3 am or 3 pm. 

One of the many things that sets KMMO apart from other stations is we are locally run and locally operated.  An owner is here every day.  We do not answer to a corporate board room.  We are free to make decisions locally and react to events in real time and do the best job possible for our listeners.

Our employees have been with us for a long, long time.  We have 3 employees over 10 years, 3 over 15 years, 1 over 20 and 1 over 30 years.  We are a team/family.   

Some of the slogans we use are…

“Your information station”

“The station that cares”

“Your sports leader for Central Missouri”

“Real Radio”

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