Third round of CFAP will likely be distributed by new administration


Third round of CFAP will likely be distributed by new administration

Distribution of the third round of Coronavirus Food Assistance Program funds and other policies outlined in the recent omnibus spending bill will likely take place after the transition to the Biden Administration.

USDA Undersecretary Bill Northey says with the omnibus bill just being signed last week, there are some parts they are implementing now and others that will take more time. He uses the 80% payments for euthanized livestock as an example.

“Those are challenges: What qualifies? What are those payments based on? What information do you need? Those kinds of things. So, some of those things will likely be fully implemented by the next administration.”

Northey says they are hopeful for a smooth transition that will not delay implementation.

“We are looking at a few things that we can get done before we leave and are doing things that will make implementation as quick as possible so those supports can get out to our producers.”

He reminds producers there is a lot of behind the scenes work for these programs including software development and a cost benefit analysis to be approved by the Office of Management and Budget, which took two months for the first round of CFAP.

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