Food and ag frontline workers wave 2 for vaccines


Food and ag frontline workers wave 2 for vaccines

Food and agricultural essential workers will be in the second wave of COVID vaccines in Michigan according to the state’s updated plan released Wednesday.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is encouraging people to contact their local health department to schedule appointments as the distribution of vaccines widens.

“By January 11th, all counties may begin vaccinating Michiganders who are 65 and up,” she says. “This will include some essential workers who will also be vaccinated.”

Those essential workers include school and childcare staff, frontline local, state and federal first responders, and staff in jails, prisons, and shelters.

Michigan Agri-Business Association President Chuck Lippstreu tells Brownfield they will be supporting efforts for people in the sector to get vaccinated.

“We recognize things are moving really quickly now, we’re in the first couple months of this vaccine distribution, but that will be a top priority for us,” he says.

Following the first wave of distribution, next on deck will be other essential workers including those in the food and ag industry, but anyone 65 and older can be vaccinated as early as next week.

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