ASA CEO on relief, prioritizing vaccines for ag workers


ASA CEO on relief, prioritizing vaccines for ag workers

American Soybean Association CEO Steve Censky says the organization is pleased with the assistance provided to help farmers recover from COVID-related challenges.

“We’re pleased congress did provide a flat per-acre payment for row crops and there’s going to also be assistance for the livestock industry who are our largest customers for soybeans,” he says. “We think that’s great and we want that to continue.”

He tells Brownfield ASA would like to see soybeans and livestock continue to be included if more relief is needed in the future.

Censky says the organization has also reached out to the current and incoming administrations to ensure that they prioritize coronavirus vaccines for ag and food workers in the next round of vaccinations.

“That includes our input suppliers, agricultural processors, and our retailers because we need to keep that whole food supply chain going all the way from inputs to on the farm to off the farm to processing and then on to retailers because if we have a backup there that really impacts farmers,” he says.

ASA supports the recommendations to first prioritize healthcare workers, long-term care residents, and the elderly.

Audio: Steve Censky

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