USDA gains jurisdiction over gene-edited livestock


USDA gains jurisdiction over gene-edited livestock

The USDA and Food and Drug Administration have signed a memorandum of understanding giving USDA primary regulatory jurisdiction over gene-edited livestock.

Andrew Bailey, the National Pork Producers Council Science and Technology Counsel, tells Brownfield the development of gene-editing technology is now back “on the right track.”

“We’re very hopeful that we’ll end up at a destination where gene-edited livestock in the U.S. can be pursued and the great promise that technology has,” he said.

Bailey said in the last several years, countries like Canada, Argentina and Brazil have passed the U.S. in gene editing technology.

“It’s been somewhat, maybe frustrating is a good work, as they move forward and we’re just sort of stuck here behind doing a good job of exporting research dollars and research jobs but not really exporting any product,” he said.

Bailey said the U.S. has the potential to become a leader in livestock biotechnology.

Andrew Bailey Interview

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