Film shows the people, landscapes of U.S. grown wheat


Film shows the people, landscapes of U.S. grown wheat

Wheat farmers are at the center of a new film released this month showing export customers the people who grow wheat. The film, that also showcases the landscapes of U.S. wheat fields, was created by U.S. Wheat Associates called “Wholesome: The Journey of U.S. Wheat”. It shows what U.S. Wheat calls the reliable character of U.S. grown wheat.

“Behind this impressive supply chain that produces a safe, consistent product there are people,” says the voiceover in the film, “people that bring passion and purpose, intangible investments that go into every step of the field-to-export journey.”

The film opens on iconic vast wheat fields of Eastern Washington’s Palouse Hills, according to Steve Mercer, vice president of communications for U.S. Wheat.

“We don’t sing about amber waves of grain in this country for nothing,” Mercer told Brownfield Ag News. “We wanted to capture that as well.”

The film is on the U.S. Wheat Facebook page.

AUDIO: Steve Mercer

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