2020 a substantial year for meat exports


2020 a substantial year for meat exports

2020 was a record year for US meat exports, despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

John Hinners, Vice President of Industry Relations with the US Meat Export Federation tells Brownfield disruptions to the restaurant supply chain hit the industry hard, but there was substantial growth in retail across the globe.

“We will have a record year for pork and pork variety meat exports January through November 2020. Exports were up 14% on a volume basis and another 13% on a value basis.”

He says well over $7 billion of pork was sent outside of the US in 2020, but beef exports were a little slower because of beef’s role in restaurants.

“Nonetheless, if you look at China for example, we had one of the largest moths ever just recently in November for beef exports. That was a market that up until just a couple years ago we were sitting on the sidelines, so that has been a big mover for the beef industry.”

Hinners says the US currently sits in an elite position to supply high quality, grain fed meat products to global importers.

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