NBB: Regaining certainty in the RFS is goal number one


NBB: Regaining certainty in the RFS is goal number one

The biggest policy priority for the National Biodiesel Board is to regain certainty in implementation of the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Kurt Kovarik, vice president of federal affairs with the National Biodiesel Board, says small refinery exemptions and other actions by the Trump administration contradicted its promise to uphold the RFS.

“It harmed the industry to the extent that there was a lot of question about whether federal policies can be counted on,” he says. “How do you have leverage with a president when he says he’s for you but then his EPA Administrator does things to undermine you.”

He tells Brownfield NBB is looking forward to returning to a normal level of advocacy with the new administration.

“The Biden Administration is going to have a lot on its place in terms of RFS policy that has to be dealt with relatively quickly,” he says. “We’ll do everything we can to help them and impress upon them the importance of the program and higher volumes for the biodiesel industry and I expect them to be receptive to that.”

Other priorities include extending the biodiesel tax credit and highlighting the role the industry has in addressing climate issues. The tax incentive expires in 2022 and NBB will be working to ensure Congress considers future five-year extensions of the credit.

Kovarik says the goal with all federal policy is to provide long-term forward-looking certainty.

Audio: Kurt Kovarik

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