Expanded access for US red meat to Taiwan, but with some resistance


Expanded access for US red meat to Taiwan, but with some resistance

Taiwan implemented relaxed import rules at the start of the year, expanding market access for US beef and pork.

Joel Haggard, senior vice president for the Asia Pacific for the US Meat Export Federation says Taiwan now accepts beef from US cattle of all ages.  “It is the sixth largest market for the US for beef,” he says.  “With trade now worth over half-a-billion dollars.”

He says Taiwan also established maximum residue limits for ractopamine, but the move has become politically charged.  “As part of the opening process, Taiwan announced the establishment of Country of Origin Labeling for pork, including processed meat where most imported pork is utilized,” he says.  “So, the issue has created a media firestorm in Taiwan and a public commitment by the opposition party, KMT, to oppose the measure.”

Haggard says US pork exports will likely slow as a result of the controversy.  “At least for now,” he says.  “Fortunately, US pork buyers in Taiwan are well educated on the safety of US pork.  We anticipate the situation cooling down as it has in these episodes in the past.”

US pork exports to Taiwan, through November, were up 25 percent in volume and 33 percent in value from the previous year.

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