Biden signs climate exec orders, gives props to ag


Biden signs climate exec orders, gives props to ag


President Biden has signed three executive orders to fast-track climate friendly priorities. Biden says America has waited too long to deal head-on with the climate crisis and credited agriculture with being part of the solution.

“We see farmers making American agriculture first in the world to achieve net zero emissions and gaining new sources of income in the process. And I want to parenthetically thank the Secretary of Agriculture for helping put together that program during the campaign.

Biden says the shift has already begun toward electric vehicles in the U.S. and the huge federal government vehicle fleet will begin moving toward zero emissions.

“Combined with the Buy American executive order I signed on Monday we’re going to harness the purchasing power of the federal government to buy clean zero emission vehicles that are made and sourced by union workers here in America.”  

Biden says the executive orders are the beginning of tackling the “existential” threat of climate change while creating millions of new jobs and ending big handouts to Big Oil. Biden says he will ask Congress to eliminate oil subsidies.

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