COVID: driving a ‘free-trial’ on premium food products


COVID: driving a ‘free-trial’ on premium food products

A marketing specialist says there has been a massive explosion of consumers seeking healthy foods during the coronavirus pandemic.

Brand manager Ric Herrera with Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch says COVID didn’t change consumer perceptions of natural or healthy foods but rather added to an ongoing trend.

“It sped up what consumers were looking for in terms of healthier options and ways to take care of themselves to fight off this virus,” he says.

He says millennial shoppers are also driving an increased demand for company transparency on food safety and environmental sustainability.

“We as producers need to make sure we’re educated on what they want and what those factors are as well as educate our buyers,” he says.

While consumers still want the best priced products, Herrera says at the beginning of the pandemic when store inventories were thin, it was a trial period for consumers to try premium organic or specialty products.

Herbruck’s is the largest egg producer in Michigan and one of the largest organic egg producers in the country.

Herrera shared his insights on changing dynamics for buyers and consumers at the recent Michigan Agri-Business Association virtual winter conference.

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