Iowa cattle farmer on obstacles and opportunities in 2020


Iowa cattle farmer on obstacles and opportunities in 2020

2020 threw one obstacle after another at many livestock producers.

Willie Morris, who owns a cow/calf farm in northeast Iowa, says last year was tough on everybody.

“Especially on us farmers, trying to market things in an environment like 2020 was, it’s just been a challenge throughout. Whether it be marketing your livestock or trying to lock in your feedstuffs, it’s all been challenging.”

He tells Brownfield restaurant closures and consumer shifts did open some doors locally.

“We started a little ‘Farm Boy Foods’ it’s called, and we market some of our pigs and cattle through that (and) eggs as well. And that has been well received.”

Morris says as grocery store shelves emptied early in the pandemic, people started to realize they could not depend solely on retail and food service.

Now at the state and national level, additional funding and resources are being directed toward local processors to help lessen U.S. dependence on large packing plants.

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