Locus AG, Bluesource form carbon alliance to benefit growers


Locus AG, Bluesource form carbon alliance to benefit growers

Locus Agricultural Solutions is forming a carbon alliance with Bluesource, a carbon project developer and retailer.

CEO Grant Aldridge says the alliance will help transform Locus AG’s CarbonNOW program and provide immediate revenue-accelerating opportunities to growers.

“It also is an opportunity for us to bring a market access of large corporate buyers to our growers and someone that is going to be an important leader in the ag carbon removals,” he says. “Ag carbon removals for (Bluesource) will be new and as they looked at that space, they saw that Locus AG, through our CarbonNOW program, brought quite an interesting opportunity for them.”  

The program helps farmers get carbon credits for using climate-friendly practices.

He tells Brownfield the alliance will allow CarbonNOW growers to generate ag-based carbon credits for Bluesource’s network of global buyers.

“Growers have an opportunity to monetize areas where they focus. Growers are great environmental stewards and have been adopting practice changes over the past several decades,” he says. “…As we look at the future, the buyers are looking for growers to adopt or take on new practice changes to continue doing that and when we understand more clearly that the growers have an ability to sequester carbon and reduce nitrous oxide emissions, there’s different aspects to the way they farm that Locus AG can help through our CarbonNOW program and buyers can incent, that allows growers to participate in a market, it’s a new revenue stream for them.”

As the focus on climate and sustainability heats up, Aldridge says it’s important that it remains a voluntary market.

“I think it’s important that our industry lets market dynamics play out and that growers can participate at the level they want to participate,” he says. “…We want to have growers and the carbon removal from their farms be valued as a premium quality credit.”

Aldridge says Locus AG’s products and technology are first and foremost agronomic tools. He says their products deliver yield performance, provide a return on investment, improve soil health, and much more.  

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Audio: Grant Aldridge, Locus AG

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