NCBA says cattle production is part of the solution to climate concerns


NCBA says cattle production is part of the solution to climate concerns

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association says they’re pleased the Biden Administration has committed to working with agriculture on climate change solutions.

NCBA’s Ethan Lane says the nation’s cattle producers have been taking steps to reduce their environmental impact for years. “Even doing just what we’re doing today and we change nothing, we’re already trending in a positive direction with a really small carbon footprint,” he says.  “With some assistance through some different voluntary programs and incentives to encourage producers to do more in a way that makes sense and keeps them profitable – we think that’s fantastic.”

Lane says they are cautiously optimistic, but if the administration proceeds with the Executive Orders without incorporating agriculture as part of the solution – there could be cause for concerns. 

He cites the 30 by 30 Executive Order, where the President committed to protect 30 percent of US land and US oceans by 2030. “My concerns and the concern of producers, particularly in the west, when they hear 30 percent conservation of land is – ‘well, you’re going to achieve that by getting cattle off the land’,” he says.  “The Biden administration was clear yesterday (Wednesday) that that was not their intent with this.”

Lane says NCBA appreciates the opportunity to be part of the conversation and will aggressively advocate for policies the nation’s cattle producers need to be successful. 

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