US exports and the new administration


US exports and the new administration

A trade strategist says it will be critical to ensure the new administration understands the importance of ag exports to economic recovery.  

Shawn Marie Jarosz is the founder of TradeMoves LLC.

“Being able to explain to the Biden administration, members of Congress, USDA, USTR, and even EPA about the importance of exports to the US economy and part of that economic recovery that is so important,” she says.

She says the new administration will likely address some barriers facing US ag exports in the next year or two.  

“Climate policy may become more closely aligned with our key allies—how will the Biden administration work with the EU on their initiative for farm to fork and how do we make sure ethanol is part of the solution and not on the outset and what’s the other aspects that may be part of the supply chain for the grain sector,” she says. “I also think retaliatory tariffs by our allies in section 232 and possibly even with Airbus, I think those will be lifted because I think the Biden administration wants to come back to a multilateral and plurilateral approach.”  

Jarosz says she believes tariffs on Chinese good swill remain in place.

“I don’t think the section 232 and 301 retaliatory tariffs will be lifted in 2021 – we need that leverage, as the United States, to continue to have conversations,” she says.

She made these comments today during the US Grains Council’s international marketing conference and annual membership meeting.

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