What’s on the horizon for EPA


What’s on the horizon for EPA

A DC-based consulting firm principal says the EPA will be challenged to help meet the administration’s ambitious climate goals in addition to its other regulatory obligations.  

Christian Richter is with The Policy Group.  

“Putting a lot of this expectation on the agency will be raising some questions about how they’re going to get all their work done,” he says. “I think we’re going to see some budget resources increase for EPA in the meantime to manage other statutory responsibilities they have and all this new set of expectations on climate.” 

He says the agriculture industry could be impacted by the climate focus.

“We are going to see some major action primarily directed early on at the power sector and vehicle sector on greenhouse gases and carbon,” he says.

When discussing what else could be on the horizon for the EPA, Richter says the agency will likely focus on environmental justice in disadvantaged communities and revisit the Waters of the U.S. Rule.

Richter made these comments during the American Feed Industry Association’s feed education program.

The Policy Group provides strategy, advocacy, and analytical services to trade associations on environmental, health, defense, workplace, and related issues.

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