Farmers Union supports administration climate change mitigation efforts


Farmers Union supports administration climate change mitigation efforts

The National Farmers Union says President Biden’s executive orders addressing climate change fit with NFU members’ efforts to mitigate climate change effects. NFU government relations representative Jenny Hopkinson tells Brownfield the organization welcomes administration support for what she calls climate-smart farming practices.

“Making sure farmers are at the table, even in these early stages where we start to think through what should, and frankly, must be done,” Hopkinson told Brownfield Ag News, “is really important to make sure that we have a full picture of what it looks like and what our options are.”

President Biden issued several executive orders outlining actions the administration will take to cut greenhouse gas emissions, conserve natural resources, and protect climate research.

In a news release, the National Farmers Union says it welcomes the effort, particularly provisions that will support climate-smart agricultural practices that sequester carbon in the soil and include farmers and other stakeholders in decision making.

“Climate change is an immense, complex crisis with far-reaching consequences. To be successful in our fight against it, we must approach it immediately and from every angle possible – just as President Biden’s economy-wide climate plan intends to do,” said Rob Larew, president of the NFU, in a statement issued in support of the administration’s actions.

“We are also pleased that President Biden has instructed the USDA to solicit input from farmers and other stakeholders as they develop and carry out climate programs; though lawmakers and administration officials are generally well-intentioned, they may not always recognize policies’ unintended consequences. By offering farmers a seat at the table, they can ensure that programs are feasible and beneficial for all parties involved,” added Larew.

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