NASS to collect Missouri rental rate data


NASS to collect Missouri rental rate data

The USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) will contact Missouri farmers this month to gather land rental rate information for the Cash Rents and Leases survey. The results of the survey are a tool for farmers and ranchers to help determine future rental agreements. Cash rent information is also used in finalizing Conservation Reserve Program rental rates.

State Statistician Bob Garino says the survey is the only source of county cash rental rates. He says survey responses help the farming community and ensure USDA bases decisions on accurate data.

NASS will publish average cash rental rates for non-irrigated cropland, irrigated cropland, and pastureland. State-level averages will be published on August 6 and county-level statistics on August 27.

Farmers can respond to the survey on a secure internet connection. In March, NASS representatives will begin calling farmers who have not yet responded.

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