Wisconsin DNR sued for failing to hold wolf hunting season


Wisconsin DNR sued for failing to hold wolf hunting season

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty is challenging the Department of Natural Resources in court for failing to hold a wolf hunting season.  Anthony LoCoco is presenting the case in Jefferson County on behalf of Hunter Nation, saying the DNR violated state law.  He says last year alone, there were more than 80 wolf depredation reports in Wisconsin. “That represents killed or injured pet dogs, hunting dogs, cows, sheep, and other livestock and, you know, we’re currently over three times the goal DNR set for the wolf population in Wisconsin.”

LoCoco says the suit is not about what Wisconsin’s policy towards the gray wolf should be because the Legislature has already addressed the issue by requiring a hunt from November through February when wolves are not endangered. “DNR is refusing to comply with its statutory obligations and despite knowing about the potential delisting for months if not years, it’s apparently done nothing to prepare, and that’s unacceptable.”

LoCoco says the DNR failed to show during last week’s Natural Resources Board testimony why they are not able to schedule a hunt, even a short one before the end of the month. “Some people might say what’s the rush? I would respond with what’s the delay? What have they been doing for the three months since the wolf was actually delisted and the two years since the federal government first proposed delisting the wolf?”

DNR officials have not commented on the new lawsuit.

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