Ahead of National Dog Day, Iowa residents rank #6 as the most likely to talk to their pets like they’re human – Voice Of Muscatine

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The dog days of summer are in full swing, but the real dog day, National Dog Day, is coming up this Saturday.

Whether that be through full-blown baby talk, a normal tone, or using a slightly higher pitch than normal when communicating with four-legged friends, language experts with Preply.com wanted to know how common it is for Americans to talk to their pets like they talk to people, and what role that relationship plays in their lives.

Researchers sought out to interview more than 1,500 individuals across the country this July. According to their survey, 84% of respondents regularly talk to their pets like fellow humans. In addition, the key takeaways are very intriguing:

  • Iowa ranks 6th in the country with 88% of residents saying they talk to their pets like people
  • Nevada and New Jersey tie for the state whose residents are most likely to talk to their pets
  • Dog owners (83%) talk to their pets more than cat owners (68%)
  • Over half of Gen Z (53%) and 41% of Millennials feel their pet fills the role of a child

Want to see additional statistics? Click here to be redirected to the official study and its results on preply.com.

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