Options for Wayfinding signage available to vote on – Voice Of Muscatine

The City of Muscatine has laid the groundwork for the implementation of a wayfinding program in Muscatine, and the City is now asking residents and visitors to pick their favorite of two designs.

Described as “direction for people in motion”, the Wayfinding Program will consist of signs that direct the traveling public (by car, bicycle, or by foot) to key destinations located in the Muscatine community. Corbin Design was approved by the Muscatine City Council on Jan. 5, 2023, to develop a Wayfinding Master Plan for Muscatine that includes the design of the signage, locations of the signage, and the destinations. 

The final two design concepts are shown above. You can view different aspects of each concept design (Architecture & Interpretive or River & Nature) and vote on your favorite at Wayfinding Survey. 

City leaders are committed to enhancing and improving the vitality of our community core and gateways to support a thriving economy, vibrant neighborhoods, and a high quality of life and place. The Wayfinding Program is one of the City Council goals for a safe and vibrant community.

This program is to be completed over five years with funding coming from future tax increment (TIF) funds. The wayfinding (directional) signage will include monument signs and gateways to the city, directional signage to and between recreation and cultural amenities, and specific business districts and/or neighborhoods.

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