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Investing in Nebraska’s ag industry

Nebraska’s Governor says expanding ag processing capacity helps bolster the state’s ag economy.

Jim Pillen says every truckload of corn and soybeans that leaves the state is costly.  “We want to consume it or we want to process it in Nebraska,” he says.  

He tells Brownfield clean energy and energy independence are part of the state’s success story. “We have two biodiesel plants under construction that will consume about 50 million bushels of soybeans each,” he says.  “We’re going to have a new plant built to consumer corn to make jet aviation fuel.”

Pillen’s goal for the future?  “Making sure agriculture thrives,” he says.  “Defending agriculture, growing agriculture, and selling it all over the world is really, really important.”

Brownfield interviewed Pillen during the USMEF’s recent Strategic Planning Conference in New Orleans.

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