Dry conditions worsen heading into winter – Voice Of Muscatine

Dry conditions worsen heading into winter

Drought conditions continue to worsen in the High Plains and Midwest heading into winter, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

Brian Fuchs with the National Drought Mitigation Center tells Brownfield extreme and exceptional drought remain in eastern Nebraska and Kansas. And he says the more than three years of drought has caused soil moisture deficits greater than 20 inches deep.

“When you’re talking about an area that in a normal year gets, depending where you’re at in that region, 30 to 35 inches of precipitation in a calendar year and you’re greater than 20 inches below normal, you’ve lost out on almost a full year of precipitation.”

He says Iowa and Missouri have severe to extreme drought, soil moisture deficits vary and there have been several ebbs and flows in conditions throughout the year.

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