Hawks Hop Into 2nd Round of NCAAW Basketball Tournament After 91-65 Victory Against Holy Cross – Voice Of Muscatine


Carver-Hawkeye Arena was packed with another sell out 15,000 fans for the NCAAW basketball tournament first round game with first seed Hawkeyes against 16th seed Holy Cross.

The first period showed the Hawkeyes that they need to actually play to cinch this victory even though they came in favored by 38 points. Marshall opened the scoring with a three for the Hawks but the team struggled in the paint throughout the first. Clark put five points on the  board but also had 5 turnovers in the first. Holy Cross briefly led and the teams stayed within ten points ending the period 23-21 Hawks.

The Hawks held Holy Cross from scoring too much in the second period but that doesn’t mean it was an easy half. Several fouls had the team and fans frustrated as Clark took a punch across the face sending her to the ground (intentional foul HC) and Martin had a hard hit falling on the hardwood. The Hawks kept the turnovers under control and kept the shot count down for Holy Cross allowing the half to end 48-30 with the Hawks outscoring the visitors 25-9 this period. Overall the Hawks played the first half at a much slower pace than we are used to seeing this season. Clark ended the half with 13 points, 5 rebounds, and 7 assists while Holy Cross’ Power-Cassidy led the period with 17 points. Both teams had similar shot counts for the half with the hawks hitting higher percentages in all categories.

The third period was much of the same with both teams trading shots. With Clark hitting  a pair of 3’s and another five members of the team on the board. Holy Cross won’t back down putting in another 20 points to the Hawkeyes 23 in the third. The Hawks ended the third period ahead 71-50 and looking forward to victory in the first round of the tournament.

The Hawkeyes continued to lead the fourth period ending the game 91-65. They will move to round two and play Monday at home at 7pm.

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