Surplus items to be auctioned off online today through June 3 – Voice Of Muscatine

The City of Muscatine and the Department of Public Works (DPW) will conduct an online public surplus auction starting today, Monday, May 20, through Monday, June 3. The items for bid contain a variety of items that were declared surplus by the Muscatine City Council on May 16. All items are available to bid on through the auction website

Potential bidders can go to that website, search for Iowa, and then City of Muscatine for the auction items. You must register to view the listed items and to bid on the items.

Some of the items on the auction block are:

  • Camera from C&D, has been replaced.
  • Golf ball washers from the Golf Course.
  • Golf ball dispensing machine from the Golf Course.
  • Electric calculator from PW Administration.
  • Misc. tire and wheels from vehicles we no longer own from Equipment Services.
  • 2011 Ford Crown Victoria from Fire Department handed down from the PD years ago.
  • 2009 Freightliner/New Way garbage truck from the Refuse Department, being replaced in July.
  • 2010 Walking floor semi-trailer from the Transfer Station, has been replaced.
  • 2006 F-350 Ford one ton dump truck from the Refuse Department, has been replaced.
  • 2013 Chevrolet Malibu from the Police Department, repairs needed cost more that the value of the car.
  • Infrared camera and tri-pod from the Police Department.
  • 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe from the Police Department, needs transmission.
  • Display boards from the Police Department.
  • Electronic dust print lifter from the Police Department.
  • Infrared camera from the Police Department (quantity 2)
  • Adjustable light source from the Police Department.
  • Fingerprint workstation from the Police Department.
  • 4 small scales from the Police Department.
  • Scanner from Public Works Administration, does not work.
  • Printer/Copier from Public Works, does not work.
  • Stainless water bath with lid from WPCP
  • Glass cylinder from WPCP
  • Misc. measuring and testing devices from WPCP
  • Portable air compressor from Roadway Maint. Has been replaced.
  • Microscope from WPCP.
  • Heating table from WPCP.
  • Oil content analyzer from WPCP.
  • Graduated cylinders from WPCP.
  • Griffin beakers from WPCP.
  • 4-ounce bottles from WPCP.
  • Meat grinder from WPCP.
  • Survey equipment from Engineering.
  • Electronic measuring tool from Engineering.
  • Lab drying oven from WPCP.
  • Lab multimeter from WPCP.
  • Incubator from WPCP.
  • Stainless steel gas regulator from WPCP.
  • UV spectrometer from WPCP.
  • Ion chromatograph tower from WPCP.
  • Oil and grease extractor from WPCP.
  • Miscellaneous distillation glassware from WPCP.
  • Hydraulic cylinder from Roadway Maint.
  • Lighted arrows from Roadway Maint.
  • Stainless steel tool boxes from Roadway Maint.
  • Hydraulic lifting table from Roadway Maint.
  • Hydraulic control valves from Roadway Maint.
  • 2010 Siemens UV Disinfection System from WPCP.

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