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(City of Muscatine)

The City of Muscatine has a new, easy to use, website for residents to register their dogs and cats, submit required documentation, order license tags, and order dog park passes.

Muscatine residents can click on the link Muscatine Pet Data to visit the easy use online registration page. Just follow the prompts to register each dog or cat in the household, upload their vaccination records and spay/neuter records, and pay the fee for their license tag. You can also purchase a dog park pass during the registration process.

There is a $2.00 convenience fee charged for each online transaction.

Click HERE to watch a video on how to complete the online process or visit ANIMAL CONTROL on the City of Muscatine website for more information.



1.     Go to Muscatine Pet Data, and click “Apply Online” to start.

2.     You will be taken to the Customer Service Assistant that contains four sections: License Now; Requirements; Update Information; and, Common Questions.

a.     LICENSE NOW is the jumping off point for creating an account, registering your pet(s), and payment of fees.

b.     REQUIREMENTS provides pertinent information on what you need during the registration process, what the associated fees are, and any other additional requirements.

c.     UPDATE INFORMATION allows you to update your information and/or your pet’s information as needed. Can be accessed once registered.

d.     COMMON QUESTIONS is an FAQ with answers to most questions that a pet owner may have. If the answer is not there, PetData does provide a 24-7 Customer Service department that is acquainted with the Muscatine process.

3.     License Now offers two options: register online or by mail.

4.     Clicking on License by Mail will bring up a page that has the mailing address, required paperwork, fee structure, and a fillable animal license application form that can be filled out and saved and/or printed as a PDF.

a.     You will need a copy of your pet’s current rabies vaccination certificate, proof of spay/neuter if it is not indicated on the rabies, and a check or money order payable to Muscatine Animal Licensing.

b.     Brochures on the registration process and the forms to register by mail are available at several locations including the Finance Department and Parks and Recreation Department at City Hall, the Public Safety Building, and the veterinary clinics and animal rescue locations in Muscatine.

5.     Clicking on License Online will take you to the page containing instructions on how to register you and your pet(s) and pay for each license online, what are the required documents, the license fee structure and a fillable animal license application form. There is a $2.00 convenience fee for each transaction when paying online.

6.     Under Instructions to License Online, click on the “Click here to begin” link. This is where you begin to create your account with PetData.

a.     After creating your account, you will be asked to complete your profile. ALL INFORMATION IS CONFIDENTIAL AND WILL NOT BE SOLD OR RELEASED BY PETDATA.

b.     The next section is where you will add information about each pet(s) to be registered. The first page will need the spay or neuter document if applicable while the second page will ask your pet’s latest rabies vaccination.

c.     When all information has been completed and all documentation uploaded, click on Get License to checkout.

7.     Dog Park Pass is available through PetData.

a.     Before you check out, make sure you have added a Dog Park pass to your pets’ licensing.

b.     An option is available for those who live outside of Muscatine but still want the Dog Park pass to obtain that pass without having to purchase a City license. Required paperwork must still be submitted, however.

c.     The first time you purchase a license + dog park pass, you will receive a new combination license and pass tag. This tag will be permanently assigned to your pet.

City staff researched, collected data, and reached out to other communities while exploring the possibility of privatizing the pet registration process. PetData was chosen for its ease of use and its guarantee of the security of information provided by residents.

“It was a long process but we feel that this is a huge step forward in helping owners register their pets,” Courtney Patel, Animal Control Officer with the Muscatine Police Department, said. “Being responsible pet owners by registering pets and submitting the rabies vaccine paperwork will create a safer environment for our pets, our families, other pets, and other families.”

The Muscatine City Council authorized a contract with PetData in August 2023 to provide online licensing and registration along with the issuing of Dog Park tags.

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