Weekdays 6-10 AM

Tim Scott

Tim Scott is KWPC’s self-proclaimed renaissance man. He has worked at the radio station since 1975. Tim started riding his bicycle to the radio station when he was just 13 years old and come in and ask the announcers if he could just sit and watch them. Two years later when he was 15 in 1975, he was hired full time. Tim loves radio broadcasting and loves his job. He currently holds the following positions.

  • Morning on-air personality, 6-10 AM on KWPC
  • Operations manager, KWPC/KMCS
  • Chief engineer, KWPC/KMCS, including maintenance of computers, studio facilities, and transmitter operations
  • Music director, KWPC

Weekdays 1-6 PM

Gem Meyer

Gem Meyer brightens up your workday on KWPC. Growing up in Iowa, Gem began his radio career while attending Drake University in Des Moines. Several years after graduating, he moseyed down to Texas for six months, (which he says seemed as if it were six years), then headed east where he served the U.S. Congress as a Communications Director. While in Washington, D.C. he also kept his fingers in broadcasting where he did voiceovers on numerous state, regional, and national television and radio commercials and also narrated a variety of programs for Voice of America. In Washington, Gem met the love of his life Shelley, with whom he just celebrated their 38th anniversary.