Minnesota looks to be first state with E15 mandate


Minnesota looks to be first state with E15 mandate

Minnesota is one step closer to becoming the first state to have an E15 mandate.

Minnesota Corn Growers president Brian Thalmann says the state was also the first in the nation to put E10 in place as the standard fuel.

“We think the time is right for Minnesota to do it with E15. And our Minnesota Corn organization has spent the last year working both with the Governor’s office and elected officials to get where we are now.”

He tells Brownfield E15 legislation has been introduced in both the Minnesota House and Senate this week.

“All indications are (lawmakers) see this as a bipartisan issue that they could actually pass this year, so we are cautiously optimistic.”

Thalmann says Minnesota can set a precedent for other states to model.

“What we really hope is that we can get this accomplished. At that point you look at other states, and they’re going to say Minnesota did it so why can’t we? And we hope that Minnesota will be the first step to inevitably this (E15 mandate) becoming national.”

He says the next step for the E15 bills will be hearings in both the House and Senate Ag Committees within the next couple weeks.

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