Only MFP in “if” scenario


Only MFP in “if” scenario

U.S. Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue is reminding farmers there most likely won’t be Market Facilitation Program payments this year.

He points to a keyword in a recent tweet from President Trump.

“There was a big two-letter word at the front of that and I don’t think people, producers, farmers, look at.  What was that word? ‘If.’”

Last week Trump tweeted “if” trade from the USMCA, China and others doesn’t materialize, farmers will be getting additional aid but as Perdue told members of the National Association of State Directors of Agriculture, they are expecting deals to come through.

“That’s why I’m telling people not to expect it, plant for the markets and their situation.”

Perdue says the program is meant to work as a trade disruption program, not for price support.

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