White mold prevention starts with variety selection


White mold prevention starts with variety selection

White mold can be devastating to soybean yields.

And Duane Rathmann with BASF says farmers can protect their crop by selecting the right variety.

“Work with your seed supplier to make sure you have a variety that offers you some protection. There’s no such thing as true resistance to white mold, but there are certainly some varieties that ward it off better than others, or get infected less thanothers.”

After that, he tells Brownfield white mold prevention comes down to cultural practices.

“And I think most people are very well aware that white mold tends to thrive in fields that have very lush conditions, so it’s where you do not want the tall soybeans. You want air moving down the row.”

If there is an infection, Rathmann says some foliar fungicides work better than others.

“There are a lot of fungicides you can use in soybeans, but there’s only a few that really have any good control of white mold.”

Rathmann, who’s based in Minnesota, says Endura fungicide from BASF is one of those products.

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