Tranquil weather covers much of the Heartland


Tranquil weather covers much of the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, generally tranquil weather prevails between storm systems, although locally dense fog blankets the middle Mississippi Valley and environs early Wednesday. Rain ended overnight across the eastern Corn Belt as one system moves toward the Atlantic Coast, while some light precipitation (rain and wet snow) is overspreading the upper Midwest in conjunction with a disturbance approaching from the Plains.

On the Plains, warm, windy weather has developed across the southern half of the region. Wednesday’s high temperatures should reach 80° as far north as southeastern Colorado and southwestern Kansas. The High Plains’ warmth, accompanied by wind and low humidity levels, will lead to an elevated risk of grassfires. In contrast, cool, breezy weather covers the northern Plains, along with patches of light rain and wet snow.

In the South, significant rain fell overnight and continues early Wednesday in the southern Mid-Atlantic States. Heavy rain recently ended in the southern Appalachians. Farther south, however, very dry conditions have developed in Florida and along the Gulf Coast. On March 22, topsoil moisture in Florida was 51% very short to short, up from 38% a week earlier.

In the West, widely scattered rain and snow showers dot the northwestern half of the region. Below-normal temperatures accompany the unsettled weather. In contrast, warm, dry, breezy weather prevails in the southern Rockies.

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