WinField United, Climate FieldView collaborate in cloud-based data-management system


WinField United, Climate FieldView collaborate in cloud-based data-management system

WinField United is connecting Climate FieldView to its cloud-based data-management system, the Answer Tech Data Silo. Representatives from both companies say the venture will help provide in-season connectivity choices for U.S. and Canadian farmers.

The Answer Tech Data Silo stores data and allows WinField United to be the aggregator. That helps farmers make data-backed decisions to drive profitability on their operations, according to Jim Hedges, vice-president of seed marketing for WinField United.

“Probably more importantly,” Hedges told Brownfield Ag News, “it can then be connected to our R7 suite of ag technology tools.”

If a grower wants to use those tools, said Hedges, he or she can house that data in Data Silo and then choose who they would like to share it with “and in this instance, really get some good synergies out of two great sets of tools, R7 and Climate FieldView.”

By integrating digital farming platforms, all FieldView users doing business with WinField United-affiliated retailers have the option to connect their FieldView and Data Silo accounts, eliminating the need for duplicative data entry.

“And enabling this connectivity between FieldView and the Data Silo just makes it that much simpler for farmers to get even more useful applications and value out of their data,” said Max Dougherty, strategic accounts lead for The Climate Corporation.

“Now more than ever, it’s important to provide farmers with digital tools that are easy to use, save them time and money, and help them stay connected with their advisors,” said Dougherty. “Integrating FieldView’s agronomic data with WinField United’s Data Silo does exactly that – making it simple for our shared customers to do more with their data while working with local collaborators.”

Farmers can find out more by visiting and

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