New cotton grower recruitment campaign launched


New cotton grower recruitment campaign launched

The US Cotton Trust Protocol has launched a new grower recruitment campaign.  The campaign is a new standard for verifying the sustainability progress of US cotton.  The group says consumers demand eco-friendly products and enrolling in the Trust Protocol will help growers ensure markets for their cotton by verifiably demonstrating the sustainability record of American cotton in the global market. 

Gary Adams, president of the US Cotton Trust Protocol says the program is something no other cotton-producing nation does today.  And by joining the Trust Protocol growers will now be able to better document their current sustainability programs using a quantifiable, digital platform and that data is assessed and verified by a third-party audit.  The platform was developed by Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture.

The Trust Protocol will be hosting live webinar sessions to discuss more about the importance of grower participation as well as a step-by-step of how to enroll. These sessions will begin on September 29th – growers can access the full schedule of webinars at the link here to learn more about the Trust Protocol.

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