Fertilizer industry continues to positively impact the US economy


Fertilizer industry continues to positively impact the US economy

The Fertilizer Industry contributed more than $130 billion and nearly 500,000 jobs to the US economy in 2019, according to a new study.

Corey Rosenbusch is the president and CEO of The Fertilizer Institute.

“A lot of people probably recognize how important fertilizer is to putting food on their tables but the impact on jobs and the economy was really amazing to see,” he says.

He tells Brownfield it’s no surprise the fertilizer industry was deemed essential during the COVID-19 pandemic and continued to have a positive impact on communities across the country.

“50% of the world’s food production can be attributed to fertilizer and so if you can imagine a world where we only had 50% of what is available to eat it really hits home,” he says. “The breadth of the entre fertilizer supply chain I think really shines through not only in this study but also when we consider the critical designation that we received back in March.”

Rosenbusch says the study is also a tool for lawmakers and regulating bodies.

“Lawmakers today really want to understand what the impact is on their district and on jobs in their district and so not only can we say we employ nearly half a million Americans, but we can drill it down to a state and even to a Congressional district so that policymaker will know what the impact of the fertilizer industry is on their district,” he says.

The study was conducted for The Fertilizer Institute by John Dunham and Associates. Click here for more information.

Audio: Corey Rosenbusch

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