Corteva launching new soybean herbicide


Corteva launching new soybean herbicide

Corteva is launching Kyber, a new pre-emergent soybean herbicide for use in 2021.

Aaron Smith, Cortevea’s US product manager for soybean herbicides says Kyber is a pre-mix with three modes of action (groups 4, 14, and 15),

“Each of the active ingredients and modes of action in Kyber are all effective individually but when you put them together in a pre-mix we’re creating the right combination to control difficult weeds.”

Smith says the new herbicide will target some of the toughest, most resistant weeds, “Kyber will be especially effective on waterhemp, palmer amaranth, and common ragweed along with annual grasses.”

Corteva’s Kyber has received EPA registration and labels in several states already and Smith says it will be available in November for the 2021 crop season.

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