A dry end to the growing season kicks up a dusty harvest


A dry end to the growing season kicks up a dusty harvest

A dry end to the growing season has resulted in a dusty harvest for many farmers.

Ryan Buck, who farms near Goodhue in southeastern Minnesota, says favorable conditions allowed them to start early and finish late on soybeans because there was no dew.

“But on the flipside, it was really getting dusty and dirty and made it hard to see in the evenings once it got dark. There were a couple nights (where) the wind would stop blowing and that dust would just hang in the air and you couldn’t really tell where you were.”

He tells Brownfield soybeans would start the day at about 11 percent moisture and dry down to as low as 9 percent.

“But for the most part, things have been going really well. It’s quite a change from 2019 where, I think on the 10th of October we had maybe started.”

This fall, Buck and his family have finished soybeans and were making progress harvesting corn until rain moved through the area Sunday night.

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