Shift in animal protein consumer trends opens market opportunities


Shift in animal protein consumer trends opens market opportunities

The Center for Food Integrity (CFI) says consumers are demanding more when it comes to their meat purchases. The report says the decades-long focus of animal ag of productivity and efficiency is shifting to other cultural and market expectations.

CFI’s Charlie Arnot tells Brownfield their research found four major opportunities for the animal protein space based on those consumer demands, “The first is fresh and high quality. We all want fresh, high quality meat. The second is stretching meat purchases. There’s going to be a large segment of the population for whom stretching meat purchases and capturing greater value is going to be really important. Ethically raised animals and just  even more recently since we released this focus on the treatment of workers. And then plant-based alternatives.”

Arnot says the way consumers talk about plant protein has shifted dramatically and that includes the confusion in the marketplace as they continue to question the processing and ingredient lists of plant-based meats.

Arnot says the lesson for farmers and the industry is to tell the meat story. The label, he says, is the signal to consumers to feel good about what they are eating.

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