Illinois experiencing warmer than normal trend


Illinois experiencing warmer than normal trend

Illinois State Climatologist Trent Ford says warmer than normal temperatures are lingering throughout the state.

Before last night’s cold front came through, 33 stations from Elizabeth to Cairo saw record high temperatures for November.

“This last week was likely one of the warmest November weeks on record statewide. I did see  some stations hitting highs in the upper 80’s in the southern part of the state, but even in the farthest northern parts of Illinois we saw highs in the mid to upper 70’s for a few days.”

He says the change in air mass caused temperature drops up to 30 degrees this morning compared to yesterday morning. 

“However, what we are experiencing now and the forecast of highs in the low to upper 50’s across the state and lows in the 30’s over the next week or so is right around normal for this time of year.”

But Ford says the 6 to 14-day outlooks are showing strongly elevated odds for warmer than normal temperatures so after this week many areas will warm back up again.

Interview with Trent Ford 11-11-2020

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