Most gas stations marketing E15 fuel as Unleaded 88


Most gas stations marketing E15 fuel as Unleaded 88

Corn and ethanol groups are working to educate farmers and consumers that Unleaded 88 fuel is E15.

Dave Loos, Director of Research and Business Development with the Illinois Corn Marketing Board tells Brownfield consumers know E10 as Unleaded 87, which accounts for 95% of gasoline sold in the US. He says the added ethanol in E15 increases the octane level to 88 making it better known to consumers as Unleaded 88.

“For the most part it is cheaper. So, if a consumer goes to the pump and the Unleaded 88 has the higher octane, better performance and at a lower cost we think that should drive the consumer to become more interested in trying that fuel.”

He says while some stations still call it E15, the fuel is being branded by large petroleum businesses like Casey’s as Unleaded88.

“We have a tremendous working relationship with Casey’s. We are looking at them changing over more of their stores in the future to E15 and it will be branded Unleaded 88.”

Loos says several state corn groups including Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Nebraska and Ohio have collaborated to sponsor commercials on Big 10 networks educating consumers about the engine and air quality benefits of Unleaded 88.

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