Wisconsin Farmers Union delegates seek milk production & pricing overhaul


Wisconsin Farmers Union delegates seek milk production & pricing overhaul

Wisconsin Farmers Union delegates want to overhaul the present milk pricing and production system.

During their weekend convention, delegates reaffirmed their desire for dairy supply management, which they began pushing for with their Dairying Together initiative nearly two years ago.  Now, delegates including Michelle Miller say it is time to change the Federal Milk Marketing Order system. “The system that is in place is pretty old and there have been a lot of things that have changed. One of the biggest issues is market transparency so that farmers know what their milk is really worth depending upon what supply chain they’re in.”

Miller says the transparency of prices could be improved with technology such as blockchain, “to improve our governance of the supply chain so that what processors are selling products for becomes more transparent. The original program doesn’t include any kind of breakout prices for things like yogurt or specialty cheese.”

She says these products have more value in the consumer markets and not enough of that added value is getting back to the dairy producer.

None of the state’s delegates spoke against the proposal.

The Wisconsin Farmers Union held its conference virtually and is mailing in ballots for the policy votes.  They will not be tabulated until February 9th.

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