Farmer more focused on yield goals than field goals


Farmer more focused on yield goals than field goals

With Superbowl Sunday right around the corner, an Illinois farmer is more focused on yield goals than field goals.

Elliott Uphoff grows corn and soybeans near Shelbyville in central Illinois. He tells Brownfield he has never been a football fan, so this time of year he makes a game plan for planting season.

“You have to go into the year expecting average yields which for us is 205 for corn and between 60-65 for beans. But, I am shooting for 225 corn at least and I would like to have 70 bushel per acre beans across the farm. That’s my goal.”

He says he plans to plant soybeans ahead of corn and make a few adjustments early in the season.

“I’m looking at a little bit of sulfer maybe on my beans, trying a few different fungicides out and just trying to push yields as best as we can. With higher grain prices a guy is more prone to try a few things.”

Uphoff says higher grain prices have him even more excited to get started in the field this year.

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